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Public Service Announcements

As a service to our listeners and to parishes and other Catholic organizations that serve our communities, Divine Mercy Radio broadcasts PSA’s consistent with our Mission.  These recordings, up to thirty seconds in length, are played on WDMC during the week. Please use the form below to request a PSA for your organization.

Please submit your request at least three weeks before the Date to Start Announcement, and take extra care to submit only complete and accurate information.  We usually cannot change your information or add to it after you have submitted it. So please do not submit until you have reliable facts about your event or services, and check carefully before you press the "submit" button.  Submit only once per PSA.  You may contanct WDMC at 321-757-7717 or

Use may use the form below to submit your Public Service Announcement request to WDMC.  All fields are required.