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Sources of Noise

If you are experiencing noisy reception, it may be helpful to identify sources of noise and static that interfere with AM radio reception.

Likely sources of noise within the listeners home include:

To determine if the source of the noise is in the listeners home, one method is to position the AM radio close to the suspected source.  If the noise intensifies, power the source off to determine if the noise is eliminated.

Once the source of the noise is identified, the solution is to power off the offending source while listening to your AM radio or locate the AM radio far enough away from the source to eliminate the interference.

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Improve Reception

To improve reception, the following tips may help:

If you are looking to purchase an AM radio, this link may help with your decision: C.Crane AM Radios

Purchasing an AM radio antenna may help improve reception in your home.  The Terk AM Advantage antenna is available from suppliers including: C.Crane AM Antennas

Here is a very informative article on how you can increase your AM Radio's signal, get rid of that horrible noise and static, and a look at what could be causing your problems by RadioLabs

During the period from local sunset to sunrise, especially during winter months, it is possible that distant stations also operating on the same frequency as WDMC (920 MHz) may interfere with reception of WDMC.  This type of interference usually occurs only if the listener is some distance from WDMC.  To minimize or eliminate this type of interference, rotate your AM radio or external directional AM antenna to improve reception.

WDMC may be heard online by clicking on the Listen Live icon at the top of this page.

AM Radio Reception Tips