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Bill Gent Host

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Bill Gent is joined by Bob Groppe to discuss new YouTube video, Doomed to Repeat It.


Jeff Njus, Director of Daily Bread, joins Bill to discuss hunger and homelessness in Brevard County


Julie Hychko, Business Manager of Women In Need, a Catholic Crisis Pregnancy Network in Chicago.


Deacon Chris Meehan with Christine Commerce on the topic of human slavery in today's world


(Adventure Catholic) Alan Migliorato & Darryl Dziedzic on how to discuss gender identity with teens and young adults.


Doug Barry discusses his new film, Doomed to Repeat It.


Deacon Chris Meehan with Fr. Augustine Wetta, author of Humility Rules, St. Benedict's Twelve-Step guide to Genuine Self-Esteem


Steve Auth discusses his book, Pilgrimage to the Museum...Man's Search for God Through Art.


Mike Gisondi welcomes Deacon Rick Broderick to discuss the ministry of the sick as carried out by local parishes.


Nike Gisondi and Chuck Lauer discusses the need for spiritual healing


Bill Gent with John Molloy, Director of Children's Ministry for the Diocese of Orlando


Mike Gisondi welcomes Steve Lansing and Irene Doyle to discuss their work with the Catholic Vote organization in Central Florida.


Bill Gent speaks with Fr. Timothy Vavarek about his book, As I Have Loved You: Rediscovering Our Salvation in Christ


Colonel Ed Barr discuses his new book, The Gray Apostle, Mission of the Messiah


Bill Gent speaks with Fr. Matthew Newcomb


Deacon Chris Meehan hosts Karen Whiting, discussing her newest book, Growing a Peaceful Heart


Bill Gent welcomes Tony Ramierez to discuss the need for and local availability of the Bible study about how to handle money God's way, published by Compass Catholic Ministry.


Fr. Vincent Nguyen C.S.C., Parochial Vicar, St. John the Evangelist, Viera

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Treasures of Faith is a locally produced program of Divine Mercy Radio.  It highlights the Truth, Beauty and Goodness of the Catholic Church as it is lived and experienced in our local community. Bill Gent hosts the program along with Carolyn Dean on Mondays with special features from the Diocese of Palm Beach.

The program airs Monday through Friday live at 11:00 am.